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I post all of my stuff on AO3, but it didn't have as much formatting as I wanted, so I'm also hosting some of my stuff here. Mostly the big stuff, but I also decided to include some smaller projects just to have it all in one place. As a result, the stuff that's here is just what I can stand looking at. Bigger projects that are still on AO3 may also join the ranks here if I decide to someday revisit and rework them rather than leaving them to rot. The main advantage for my larger projects is that I can include links to the absurd amounts of worldbuilding I do without having to create whole new AO3 lorebook fics, which I think is against the TOS.

DISCLAIMER: I do not claim ownership of any intellectual properties my work is based off of. All canon characters belong to Square Enix, Intelligent Systems, Ubisoft, and the like. I have recieved no money for my writing, nor do I intend to monetize it in any way.

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Fire Emblem Projects

Orphans, Kingdoms

FE11/Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and FE12/Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem.


Total words: 89k

Began: 3/4/18

Updated: 1/28/20

A retelling of Fire Emblem's Archanea Saga. Began as a simple roleswap between Marth and Elice, but quickly grew beyond that into a multi-work series spanning multiple games and several thousand in-universe years.

The Wolves of Rothsburg

FE15/Fire Emblem: Shadows of Valentia.


Total words: 32.4k

Began: 1/19/19

Updated: 6/1/20

A 1920s urban fantasy detective story with FE15 characters, literally what could be better

Forever It'll Be

FE7/Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade and FE6/Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade.

Total words: 109.6k

Began: 1/25/18

Updated: 7/1/20

Started out as a post-game Nino-centric found family plot and still is that, it's just also full of lore.

A Wretch, A Trophy, A Courtier, A Queen (NSFW/R18)

FE13/Fire Emblem: Awakening and FE14/Fire Emblem: Fates.

Total words: 26.3k

Began: 12/28/17

Updated: 7/5/18

This was the culmination of my Azura/Lucina brainworms. I've tossed around the idea of rewriting it, but I haven't done anything concrete yet. Still, it's here for the record.


FE14/Fire Emblem: Fates.

Total words: 43.7k

Began: 5/21/17

Updated: 6/7/18

1940s noir AU with Scarlet/Azura, and it ended up as essentially a gift for my friend group, which is why it's here. I did start a rework at some point last year, but then I spilled gatorade on my laptop and lost everything. I still haven't recovered emotionally.

The Carpenter

FE11/Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon.

Total words: 77.9k

Began: 6/25/17

Updated: 12/25/18

I started this with very little knowledge of FE11/FE12 and unfortunately once I learned more, I discovered my brain couldn't handle how different the worldbuilding in this fic was. But this is another one of those projects that people close to me still really like (in this case, my girlfriend), so I can't totally ditch it. Again, might rework it. For now, it's here.

The End Days

FE13/Fire Emblem: Awakening.

Total words: 61.7k

Began: 11/1/15

Completed: 1/30/16

This is the first big project I ever completed. Mostly here for perspective.

Other Projects

Little Bird

Octopath Traveler

Total words: 23.6k

Began: 3/18/21

Updated: 5/2/21

Yusufa deserved better so I gave it to her

A Dozen Red for Every Wound

Octopath Traveler

Total words: 78.9k

Began: 10/14/18

Completed: 4/3/19

A very long Primrose character study, featuring splashes of the rest of the main 8.

Assorted Oneshots

Sandstorm (8path) (4/10/20)

Brother Earth, Sister Sky (FE7) (11/27/19)

Common Tongue (FE16/FE3H) (NSFW/R18) (10/30/19)

Broken Bowstring (FE16/FE3H) (9/24/19)

Starlight (FE16/FE3H) (NSFW/R18) (8/14/19)

Goodnight, Moon (FEH) (6/16/19)

Moonflower (12/19/18) and Arcadia (6/29/19) (FE15)

petrichor (Dororo 2019) (6/2/19)

to make you stay (i'd do anything) (FE12) (NSFW/R18) (5/31/19)

Room for One More (AC0) (5/21/19)

The Eighth (FE15) (11/29/18)

hold back the river (FE10) (NSFW/R18) (11/6/18)

Forevermore (8path) (9/3/18)

Sons of Duma (FE15) (6/30/18)

affinity (FE7) (6/23/18)

I Could Wait a Thousand Hours (10/16/17) and And Now, it's Time to Leave and Turn to Dust (11/15/17) (FE15)

Chamomile, Mint, Salt, Sandalwood (FE15) (9/17/17)

Intimate with Brokenness completed mini-series (FE15)

New Horizon (7/3/17) • The Question (3/20/18) • Harbor (Ten Years Ashore) (6/29/17) • Rapture (7/5/17) • Lux (NSFW/R18) (8/6/17) • love and let love (8/13/17)

Cover Me (FE13+FE14) (NSFW/R18) (5/27/17)

a little bow in back (FE13) (11/24/16)

we still sing (FE13) (11/15/16)

antebellum (9/26/16) and sun rise, fireflies (11/5/16) (FE13)

siren (FE13) (10/16/16)

Tomorrow Will be Kinder (FE13) (9/30/16)

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